Virat Kohli launches a children’s book in Colombo Pictures

Indian Player Virat Kohli launches a children’s book to promote reading as part of ICC World Twenty20 commitment to the local community at the TAj Samudra on September 14, 2012 in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Titled Virat ki Paari (in Hindi) and Virat Veeraviharam (in Telugu), which means Virat’s Innings, the book will be published in Hindi and Telugu and distributed to more than a million children across India.



Sourav Banerjee (Room to Read India Literacy Director) said, “It is great to see the Room to Read – ICC partnership achieving yet another milestone. Virat‘s popularity amongst India’s children was evident when he visited a Room to Read library in March, this year. His words of encouragement and support towards creating a literate future for India resonate strongly amongst the children in our programmes. It is an inspirational story that truly touches the heart, but at the same time maintains the simplicity that a children’s book requires to capture a child’s attention and imagination”.

“Reading is an important tool for a child’s overall development. it helps to ignite creativity, curiosity and imagination, Virat Kohli on this unique initiative. “Room to Read is helping millions of children across lndia access their right to education. l am proud of committing to this cause and inspiring children to read”.

The book entails the story of 18-year old Virat Kohli when he was faced with a predicament – to stay with his family while grieving his father’s death or continue to play.

The book about Virat Kohli was conceptualised after research was undertaken by the writer Bimal Mohan, who is a sports journalist, and the illustrator, Deepak Shukla, a self-taught artist from Betul, Madhya Pradesh. The book about Viral: will be distributed to many libraries with the hope of inspiring the next generation of readers in India.

ICC Chief Executive David Richardson says, “it is rewarding to be able to champion cause together with Room to Read. As we prepare for the ICC World Twenty20 2012 in Sri Lanka, many icons of the game like Virat, have stepped forward to be a part of this initiative to inspire and promote reading among younger generations”.



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