MS Dhoni says that umpire should take Mankading call

Inequality to put the burden on the fielding captain when an appeal for mankading is made said by Dhoni. it was against Lahiru Thirimanne during India’s match against Sri Lanka on Tuesday. Ashwin had stained Thirimanne leave the crease well before the ball was bowled, he ran him out, and then appealed.

Umpires said that, if he wanted to go ahead with the appeal and fearing criticism Sehwag withdrew the appeal. Dhoni says either there should be rules or there shouldn’t be rules.

Why are you asking the captain?

Why are you putting him in a position?

Dhoni says right thing was done. Because the captain was asked, we withdrew the appeal, right thing was done because India wanted to give Thirimanne the benefit of the doubt because these rules keep changing, and it is possible that players are not informed opinion with all the changes. The reason being it’s in the law that the batsman can’t go out. Often it is put on the opposition captain. For example, on Virender Sehwag. Saying, you know, it’s wrong.

I think it was a good decision. At the end that he was not taken out by our skipper.

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